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Our range of Limousine Services is a class apart, when exclusivity, superior quality, subtle magnificence and classic charm are concerned. This is due to our extensive attention to detail, where the luxury black car service experience of our customers is concerned. This attention to detail is then compounded by our commitment to transporting you to your destination, while you enjoy being surrounded in class-leading luxury, inside one of our premium vehicles. To top it all off, we treat each and every client in the company's care with nothing less than the executive treatment as a given, regardless of their reason for riding with Klassic Limousine, Inc. We dedicate ourselves to pin-point punctuality; in order to uphold the ideals of professionalism we have set for ourselves.
All of the aforementioned combined, makes for a superior brand image, cultivated for the benefit of our valuable clients, and progressed further with the intention of providing you, our esteemed client, with a premium Milwaukee limousine service. We find the challenge exhilarating and a testament to not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk to go above and beyond for those who trust their special occasions, daily transportation needs, tourist experiences, and safety to Klassic Limousine, Inc.
The services we offer are diverse yet specialized, not to mention extensive; covering a wide range of transportation options and catering to an extensive array of clients who have all of their luxury car service needs taken care of in an exquisite fashion. Be at a wedding which warrants an arrival with class, or a corporate meet which commands sophistication above all else, our clients experience superior travel on the way to an elegant journey.
We are redefining the next generation of luxury through signature European styling, modern amenities, and unparalleled fit and finish details to create the ultimate in premium passenger transport for the luxury transportation market. Our customers can rest assured that what they desire out of a premium black car service, will be served accordingly, even beyond their expectations. To that end, here is a closer look at some of our services. With Klassic Limousine, Inc you travel your way!


One of our highlights is the excellent airport transportation service we provide, which is made even more proficient by a combination of professional chauffeurs who possess unparalleled knowledge of the area. Our chauffeurs are committed and professional and always have a clear guideline of how to proceed in every situation. This allows them to arrive at the airport on time, while providing the passengers with all the amenities they can expect from a Milwaukee Limousine Company. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the airport transportation service provided by Klassic Limousine, Inc is the innovative and advantageous flight tracking system, which is able to track incoming and outgoing flights in real time, thus affirming arrival and departure timings for our passenger's facilitation. Providing us with your flight information during booking ensures that your Klassic Limousine, Inc vehicle is there when you arrive, and avoids unnecessary travel delays, creating a luxurious, high-touch transportation experience for clients who expect the best and won't settle for less.

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Step into World-Class Luxury with our Corporate Transportation Services. Whether you are a high-profile executive in need of a Milwaukee limousine service, or someone hosting a group of business leaders to a conference, you can trust in Klassic Limousine, Inc to deliver par excellence and pure luxury transportation. This is accomplished through a combination of ultra-luxurious vehicles and professional, trained uniformed chauffeurs, who make sure that you and your corporate guests are treated to the finest in comfort and understated yet sophisticated style. Additionally, our professional chauffeurs submit to a contract of confidentiality, which serves to protect the privacy of our corporate clients. We understand that it is important they have a pleasant demeanor in their day-to-day dealings with clients, are responsible, and know the map of the city like the backs of their hands-the last of which helps in thwarting the headaches and delays that come with rush-hour volume, closed roads, and traffic restrictions, which are particular concerns within the city. And to add to that, they are trained extensively and rigorously, which enables them to maintain punctuality of service, which will undoubtedly be valuable to our corporate transportation clients.

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Being the leaders of luxury transport industry, Klassic Limousine, Inc strives for limitless service excellence, and across-the-board reliability, which makes us the finest transportation service for all your special occasions. When said occasions call for a stylish and exuberant arrival, you can rely on our Special Event Services. Rest assured that you are well-taken care of, and that you will be noticed throughout the time spent at the event, by the virtue of the one stylish arrival. Klassic Limousine, Inc is all about luxury and elegance. As the undisputed leader in luxury, we know how to deliver the VIP treatment the passenger expects on their special occasions.

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Traditionally, weddings are celebratory affairs that require any and all attendees to appear their best. The same goes for the arrival to the wedding, with exuberance being the preferred quality. What could be more exuberant than arriving at the venue in a vehicle that exudes style from every pore, every crevice, and turns heads all around. This is but one aspect of the superior wedding luxury transportation we offer, as part of our Milwaukee car service. For weddings we put emphasis on having our passengers completely immersed in the superior experience of a top-notch vehicle, which translates into a celebratory mood that is initiated even before the passengers arrive at the venue. Our intuitive personalized services set the tone for a unique experience, one of unrivaled quality and pleasure. All in all, our passengers are sure to have all they could possibly want from a black car service, and more, when they travel with us.
*Wedding Reservations require a filled-out contract, as well as a non-refundable deposit of $250.

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